When the Robo Recall title display first seems – a voice calling its title out like a boxing ring announcer whereas the electro-rock soundtrack builds within the background – arcade aficionados might be forgiven for pondering that they had stepped into an alternate universe the place Sega’s legendary arcade divisions have been nonetheless churning out hits to this very day. That’s the corporate through which Robo Recall belongs.

Not like an arcade machine you gained’t want a stack of shiny cash to play this shooter. If you happen to personal an Oculus Rift, it’s being dropped at you completely freed from cost.

Robo Recall Particulars:

Official Website

Writer: Oculus
Builders: Epic Games

Accessible On: Oculus Rift (Oculus Contact Required)
Launch Date: March 1st 2017

Platform: Oculus Rift with Touch


– Frantic shooter action
– Effective controls using Oculus Touch
– Solid graphics via Unreal Engine


– Repetition
– Repetition
– Repetition

One, two, three shotguns blasts and the most dangerous robot is junk. I

Gameplay :

Epic Video games’ Showdown demo first shown way back in 2014 was a cinematic stroll down a avenue throughout an assault on an enormous robotic; rockets firing and bullets whizzing throughout you, individuals diving for canopy, vehicles flipped into the air by explosions, and also you proper in the course of all of it. You attain the top of the road and cease beneath the large robotic, the place you lookup and take within the scale of all of it, and the end result of the demo is when this robotic stares proper into your eyes and roars. It stayed with me, and it’s nonetheless properly price a glance right this moment when you haven’t seen it.

You possibly can draw a line from the Showdown cinematic from 2014 by to the playable Bullet Practice demo that captured everybody’s creativeness in 2016, and now to Robo Recall. The identical DNA runs by all of them. From humble beginnings with a tiny crew begging, stealing, and borrowing belongings and time to construct prototypes for his or her VR imaginative and prescient, the partnership with Oculus has allowed Epic Video games to spin up a crew of 15 individuals to show Bullet Train into Robo Recall. It’s telling that within the nascent VR trade even larger gamers like Epic Video games want partnerships to justify funding in VR content material.

Robo Recall, then. Evaluating to these earlier sketches it’s what doesn’t make the transition that sticks in my thoughts greater than what does. The surplus of Showdown’s environmental destruction is totally absent; Robo Recall’s world is one that you simply traverse by however by no means impression. Automobiles are static. Home windows don’t shatter. Lampposts shrug off rocket blasts. There is no such thing as a ongoing pitched battle between opposing forces, we’re again to gaming’s favorite lone wolf cliché as you clear every space solo. There aren’t any autos to make a journey on, and excluding a couple of blimps excessive within the sky there’s not a lot else transferring across the play space.


That’s the form of factor that was misplaced on the journey from Showdown to Robo Recall – a mirrored image of the comparatively modest dimension of the crew engaged on it – however what have we gained? Quite a bit because it seems, not least of which is a much more lighthearted tone, leading to an expertise that’s all the higher for not taking itself too significantly.

The Unreal Engine is put to good use constructing a visually arresting future cityscape, with supersampling choices that permit these with the GPU horsepower to enhance readability even additional, and sufficient graphical settings to make sure that even minimal spec machines get a easy trip. Clear traces, readable environments and enemies, and a very good sense of scale abound as billboards shine their adverts at you, and blimps go by overhead. The robots themselves impress with a tangible solidity and presence, they usually chatter away to you endearingly throughout gameplay. That is no grimdark future, it’s all very tongue in cheek and deliciously meme-heavy which can delight or annoy relying on the person.

…it’s all very tongue in cheek and deliciously meme-heavy which can delight or annoy relying on the person.

It is a recreation about mastering motion whereas participating dangerous guys by the dual mediums of weapons and informal up-close dismemberment. Grabbing enemy ordnance out of the air and sending it again at them is a frequent occurring – the signature strikes from Bullet Practice all current and proper – and also you’ll must get good at analysing enemy talents, managing encounters, prioritising targets, constructing and retaining your multiplier up, and discovering your circulation. That is all in service of finishing challenges and racking up immense scores to assault the leaderboard.

There are echoes of Rocksteady’s Batman fight, Platinum Video games’ Vanquish (2010), and even the current Doom (2016) reboot. Quick paced, kinetic encounters with time slowing at crucial junctures to help you execute (pun meant) your plan of assault. Being in VR lends this a crisp realism that these video games might by no means match: while you clear a zone it was you clearing the zone, not the summary byproduct of button mashing, and every encounter feels very private in consequence.

As a result of usually rudimentary enemy AI, solely very not often do the encounters pose an actual sense of risk. You possibly can really feel the sport strolling the road between VR shooter lovers and extra informal shooter followers, aiming for that delicate steadiness that serves each in numerous methods. The satisfaction comes from effectively demolishing the assembled robotic ranks quite than a way of successful by towards inconceivable odds – on this regard it’s virtually a puzzle recreation, and I incessantly needed to adapt my ways with a purpose to develop my rating multiplier.

 Robo Recall review
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Robo Recall neatly sidesteps the entire teleportation vs. direct locomotion debate. The gameplay couldn’t operate with out teleportation. To return to the Rocksteady Batman comparability, that recreation sees you dart with unbelievable pace between melee combatants with the flick of a stick and tapping of a button. That’s the equal to the teleportation in Robo Recall, the place you push ahead on a follow ‘launch’ out your vacation spot marker, after which rotate the stick to change the path you can be dealing with while you arrive. Teleport ’n’ Twist, if you’ll.

Editors Observe 02/03/2017 @12:00pm GMT: This evaluate was performed utilizing a 2 sensor ‘front facing’ Oculus Contact and Rift configuration. It’s transpired since launch that there could also be some elementary points with the teleportation mechanic in Robo Recall when used with a ‘room scale’ multi-sensor arrange as documented in part here. We’ll be reaching out for remark from each Epic and Oculus on the difficulty and can report again as soon as now we have extra info.

This teleporting system lets you coordinate – no, to choreograph – your assaults: teleport behind shotgunner, relieve them of their robotic head, use torso as protect, toss it at a bunch of face huggers, spot a robotic leaping off a truck, teleport beneath it, use the temporary sluggish movement second after every teleport to juggle the robotic within the air with the revolver, in the meantime seize a face hugger, teleport to the highest of mentioned truck, after which lob the face hugger – now ticking all the way down to self destruction – into a bunch of robots beneath taking all of them out in a single explosion whereas reaching behind to seize your shotgun and dispatch the rocketeer whizzing overhead. The entire manoeuvre is executed in a couple of scant seconds.

Robo Recall reviewThe fight is exhilarating, slick, satisfying, and difficult and it merely wouldn’t be doable to achieve this John Woo stage of acrobatics and bullet ballet if one needed to trudge by the setting one step at a time. The teleportation isn’t merely a concession to consolation – though the crew did have the inclusive mantra that ‘nobody will get sick in this game’ – as a substitute it’s integral to the gameplay, if typically just a little too fussy when attempting to achieve factors on the extremes of its vary, very shut in, or above you.

The sport awards three stars for escalating tiers of rating in a mission – the third of which can really feel utterly out of attain at first. Further stars are awarded for finishing quite a lot of challenges that encourage repeat play corresponding to ending a mission with out firing a gun, solely utilizing weapons scavenged from fallen enemies, or taking out a lot of robots in one of many timed extermination occasions. A problem to complete a specific mission with out taking any harm nonetheless eludes me, as does a boss rush that must be completed in beneath 5 minutes. The sport threatens to show right into a racer as you look to shave off a second right here, a second there, in your mad sprint to the end.

The fight is exhilarating, slick, satisfying, and difficult

Your weapons are upgraded as you unlock stars, lowering recoil, rising harm, including holo-sights, the standard. As soon as a clip is empty a weapon is basically ineffective however it might probably nonetheless be used to bludgeon robots, bat ordnance away, or thrown. After a respawn delay a model new, absolutely loaded, weapon will likely be teleported into your holster. XP awarded after every mission feeds into your general stage, and this awards perks that lower respawn time for weapons and teleports and improve your scoring potential. When you might have earned 5 stars on a mission its All Star variation is unlocked, and that is the place the actual meat of the expertise is to be discovered for these seeking to interact extra significantly with the sport. Enemies are extra quite a few, transfer quicker, and react extra swiftly to your actions. The AI isn’t any smarter, however your response time is significantly lowered. You have to to considerably step up your abilities to rank on the separate rating leaderboards for this mode – its rhythms are so completely different from the usual mode that it virtually looks like a distinct recreation totally – however it’s worthwhile to unlock it first, mission by mission, and that course of is way from straightforward.

Robo Recall reviewOne of many few frustrations on this package deal is figuring out when a weapon has been teleported to your holsters. Within the midst of a frenetic battle it’s all too straightforward to achieve behind to aim to seize your shotgun, or go for the revolver in your hip, solely to return away empty handed and waste invaluable seconds earlier than you realise your hand is empty as a result of the gun hasn’t but respawned. Later upgrades naturally mitigate this considerably, as does the realisation that you probably have spent a whole lot of time in slow-motion you’ll want to attend loads longer in ‘real’ time earlier than a weapon respawns.

In your time with the sport you’ll ‘recall’ hundreds of robots taken from the various roster in proof, encompassing primary pistol or shotgun wielding bots, by protect carriers, arachnid fashion skitterers, flying drones, leaping rocketeers, mini-bosses and one main boss, with every requiring you to combine up your repertoire of strikes. They’re visually distinct, both by form or cautious colouration, so each state of affairs is eminently readable as you propose your strikes. You’ll clear areas of all robots, defend areas towards assault, and even gather undamaged robots (neatly forcing you into non-lethal motion by tossing them right into a vortex that fires them up into the sky to be collected in a blimp for ‘analysis’).

Oculus Confirms ‘Toybox’ Will Come Free with Contact

The three environments which can be house to the 9 missions are distinct, however not significantly evocative: Metropolis Centre, Outdated City, and Rooftops. Even the names sound mildly disenchanted in themselves. Why not set half or all of a stage on the blimps? Why don’t we ever see inside a constructing throughout a mission? Why not begin in a constructing and erupt into the streets a couple of storeys up? I used to be ready for an space set round a bullet prepare in homage to the well-known prototype however nothing so dynamic ever seems, with missions electing as a substitute to criss-cross the identical handful of areas time and again. It will get outdated pretty shortly. What’s there suggests a whole lot of effort has gone into developing this world, so it’s an actual disgrace we get to see so little of it and what we do see is restricted to streets and boxy rooftops. They’re enjoyable as a result of the core gameplay loop can be enjoyable wherever, however there’s a way that these aren’t fairly the fastidiously crafted fight arenas and situations that they might be.

…there’s a way that these aren’t fairly the fastidiously crafted fight arenas and situations that they might be.

There’s a welcome sojourn between missions to your basement HQ, the place you’ll be able to equip weapon upgrades, view your XP stage, test in your unlocked talents, and choose missions. It’s inside this HQ that the only most vital characteristic is to be discovered: among the many bobblehead fashions and desk followers that you would be able to work together with you’ll find espresso mugs. If you choose a mug up by its deal with, the pinkie finger in your hand is prolonged. That is the type of class that may’t be taught, you both have it otherwise you don’t.

And Robo Recall does have class. It has the assured recreation mechanics of people that had a singular imaginative and prescient. It has crisp, sharp visuals and steady body charges that come from individuals who intimately perceive the expertise they’re working with. It’s all too straightforward to neglect how laborious it’s to make one thing this good, even when the fight arenas don’t fairly reside as much as Epic Video games’ personal storied lineage. There simply isn’t sufficient of it, regardless of the innate re-playability. Again within the days of their humble shareware beginnings this may’ve been the taster episode earlier than the principle occasion. Simply when it feels prefer it’s discovering a groove it’s throughout.

Robo Recall reviewThe tantalising promise of All Star mode offers the sport one supply of longevity. One other comes from an intensive suite of modding choices, permitting the neighborhood to construct their very own ranges, encounters, and dangerous guys. Epic Video games will likely be seeding this with demo content material taken from their very own video games in addition to some well-known third events. Nurturing a modding neighborhood is one thing that Epic Video games have been famed for, so there’s a actual chance that the neighborhood will complement the core content material on supply right here.

Getting all the way down to chilly, laborious, information let me throw a couple of numbers at you. It took me two hours to finish my first run by the 9 missions. It took one other two earlier than my scores have been getting respectable, and one other full hour in a frenzied try and unlock the All Star mode on one specific mission. The common participant ought to be properly into double figures of hours performed to seize nearly all of stars and upgrades – however that participant must be a fan of arcade fashion rating assault video games, and at peace with replaying the restricted content material.

That I need extra of it’s a testomony to Robo Recall’s high quality, as a result of what it lacks in breadth of content material it makes up for with fashion, aptitude, and verve. It’s nice to be taking part in the kind of arcade recreation that Sega would’ve been happy with of their heyday.


Two belt holsters and two again holsters home your pistol, revolver, shotgun, and vitality rifle. You seize them – and anything on the planet you need to choose up – with the hand set off on the Contact controller and shoot with the first set off. The actions of reaching for weapons at your facet or out of your again are so ingrained from films and TV exhibits that they really feel immediately naturalistic. It’s laborious to not really feel like a badass while you reaction-grab a revolver out of your facet holster and despatch a passing robotic with a head shot. It’s laborious to not really feel like Neo in The Matrix as you’re plucking rockets and bullets out of the air.

As with different Rift shooters, this recreation makes the a lot of the Contact controllers. The ergonomics permit the hand grip for use in a approach that the equal Vive Controller button simply can’t help, and that grip+set off combo actually improves the sense of realism.

Preview: ‘Lifeless & Buried’ Motion Packed Multiplayer Could possibly be the Killer App Oculus Contact Wants


Leaning round and beneath incoming hearth, particularly when the sport’s signature sluggish movement is in impact, is likewise very empowering and extremely cool. Grabbing a robotic by its entrance or rear torso-mounted deal with (to its plaintive cry of ‘why did they give us handles?!’), after which grabbing its arms and pulling the arms off can be grisly if it weren’t all so lighthearted and comedian. Likewise eradicating the top (after which utilizing it as a bowling ball to dispatch his colleagues). They’re home equipment, not individuals, which permits us to benefit from the gratuitous nature of the violence with out the necessity for an excessive amount of introspection.

The sound deserves particular point out. Results are meaty once they should be, delicate once they should be, epic once they should be and splendidly positional. The sound combine general may be very efficient, and this does floor you within the recreation world.

Sadly immersion does take a giant hit while you realise that mentioned world is totally static. Home windows don’t shatter, deserted vehicles ignore rocket blasts, and even in scripted moments the world is left alone. It makes it really feel sterile in distinction to the colourful artwork fashion. It’s a backdrop, you simply occur to be ‘in’ it. I’d even welcome hoary outdated clichés like exploding barrels and crates, just a bit one thing on the planet that recognises and responds to the carnage. In reality any signal of life on the planet apart from the robots can be welcome.

Some technical points additionally intrude to cut back the immersion. When grabbing sure robots from behind to make use of as a protect, after which wanting to complete them off, you’ll uncover that the again of the top is totally impervious to gunshot. It’s essential to tilt it unnaturally to get an angle from the facet, or launch it after which shoot it from a distance. Generally weapons clip into the dangerous guys, and the shot points from ‘inside’ their hit area and doesn’t register. This wouldn’t be so dangerous if the tempo of the sport didn’t demand a continuing stream of kills to maintain the multipliers going – it’s irritating to lose out when issues appear to be they need to work however don’t, particularly inside VR. There additionally appears to be a problem with hit registration when robots are in the course of restoration animations after a leap or fall – there’s a window through which they seem invulnerable nevertheless it isn’t constant. Generally they take the hit, typically they don’t. Or possibly I’m simply terrible at aiming at fast-paced targets.


The teleportation additionally suffers considerably in particular circumstances. If you happen to arrive in a location simply as a robotic additionally strikes into it, you find yourself in a physics-breaking wedlock they usually begin to jitter uncontrollably and clip into your view area. You’d think about extra swish solving would merely be to have robots in that scenario pushed away or destroyed. Most definitely simpler mentioned than carried out, however the internet end result may be very distracting.

Capturing and teleporting points can probably be patched out if they’re widespread and never simply all the way down to the construct I’ve performed – updates have been rolling out each day as I performed the sport for evaluate, so the crew are clearly on the ball right here – however proper now the immersion does take successful when these points crop up.

In frequent with different Contact-enabled titles utilizing the usual two-sensor format, the temptation – particularly within the warmth of battle – is to sometimes intention behind your self to choose up a stray robotic. This invariably ends in catastrophe, with an entire lack of hand monitoring and extra invaluable seconds wasted as you reorient your self with the teleportation. These with three or extra sensors, and the requisite protection, could have extra pleasure right here. It suffers considerably with out full room scale, however when you’re accustomed to the ‘plant feet, face forward’ Oculus mantra you gained’t have any issues.

Robo Recall reviewThese annoyances apart, the immersion normally is great. The kinaesthetic nature of your interactions with the sport make it really feel very naturalistic, very rewarding, to play. Be that taking pictures weapons, grabbing robots off their ft, or grabbing bullets and rockets out of the sky. The truth that you’re pulling off Neo-esque manoeuvres and Batman-style takedowns is entertaining even after a number of hours, and it’s a credit score to the crew behind the sport that you simply not often fail to realize what you need to: you seize what you propose to, the place you propose to, while you intend to. In a recreation transferring this shortly, that’s no imply feat.


With its reliance on pure actions, and a teleportation primarily based system of movement, the sport is totally snug all through. You’re in management always.

It’s doable to teleport your self to the sting of tall buildings, so these affected by vertigo may unwittingly put themselves in an uncomfortable place. One third of the sport is spent in an space referred to as ‘Rooftops’ so take into account yourselves warned.

On the purely bodily facet of issues I discovered that half an hour in Robo Recall was extra of a exercise than many devoted VR sports activities video games. Relying on how ‘into’ it you get, it’s possible you’ll properly end up exhausted after a strenuous session.

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