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Prisma for iOS Now Works Offline to take filters



Prisma filters for your photos was a bit slow to process and it only worked if you had a great internet connection. That’s now changing; Prisma just added offline capabilities to its iOS app, and Android will follow “very soon.”

This decision is very important for a few reasons. If offline work photos will process more quickly, as they don’t have to be uploaded to and downloaded from the cloud. So all photos should be 2-3 seconds faster to process on iOS.
Prisma iOS Works Offline
Prisma users number 4 million daily and it installed 52 million according to the company. This company thought to monetize the app via brand filters, while keeping it free for users. When it is offline, processing speed depends on your smartphone you have uses. Prisma says it takes six seconds for the iPhone 6s.

This time what happens with all the servers Prisma used to process the photos? Lot’s of thing reappropriated for video, it is like a much more intensive process, given there are multiple frames per second of footage.

People update to this apps it also helps with low data plans or it may poor signal in your location, as they can use Prisma without problem. When Photo filter processing is locally, Every times photo will vary from device to device. For example it takes 6 seconds for an iPhone 6 to apply a filter, whereas only 5 for an iPhone 6s. The apps says you can practically use the app as a benchmark.

Update: Mostly the new result is Prisma originally said that when it filter Iphone 6 photo, it takes 3 seconds and other hand iPhone 6s takes 2.5 seconds. At this moments, it says the transformation takes six seconds on the iPhone 6s and a bit longer with the iPhone 6. The New post has been updated with this information.

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Report: Twitter will let you filter abusive hashtags and keywords



Twitter is Now adding new keyword filtering tool that safeguards it’s users from harassment and abuse on the site.

keyword filtering feature sounds a lot like comments blocking tool, which at this time is exclusively reserved for popular users and business profiles. While filtering hashtags is most important for the crowd. It’s filter much better than simply detecting specific keywords.

Twitter comes a time when they faced problem against Twitter’s perceived inaction against trolls has reached its peak. The Top number of high-profile users have abandoned the platform or temporarily quit. At the time they faced bigoted abuse.

This company analytics team also works to find report abuse, with complaints directed toward a dedicated team of staffers that probe the inquiries. Recently, Twitter has taken a stern public stance against harassment led by its CEO Jack Dorsey, who regards the issue as a primary concern.

Now at this moment some spy company detecting harassment on twitter. that all doing Twitter run the risk of venturing into censorship,that’s case with any content filter; it’s a matter of striking the right balance.

Twitter’s new tool will reportedly allow for customization. This feature is filtering  kinds of content. It could ultimately allow users to block out any number of topics and hashtags from their timelines based on their preferences.

Conclusion :

At last Twitter has declined to comment on the feature, But now the feature is reiterated its commitment to tackling harassment on a number of occasions, all the update adding to announce on the issue soon.

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